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Mammoth Interactive has quality training content that can keep your skills current and build your resume.

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  • Visually impressive

Mammoth Interactive has a long reputation for creative games.

  • Take the busy work out of development
  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • Learn from professional coded software
  • You want to make a game that is popular but don’t want to spend the time coding it. Check out our templates to save you a bundle of time.

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Hand crafted content

All of our content is crafted by hand to ensure quality.

Give your brain a challenge

Work out your brain while learning an in demand skill.

Our content is vertically integrated

Our content works well together. Learn something in the tutorials and add it to a template.

Ignite your creative flame

Learn the secrets of production from the professionals.

Have a little fun

Our games are a great way to learn a few new things and most importantly have some fun.

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