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In this 20-hour masterclass, you'll learn Python trading and coding for financial analysis. This course will carry you from the fundamentals of Python to machine learning and Quantopian.

Learn Android Neural Networks, Keras, Python, Java, PyCharm, Android Studio, TensorFlow and Unity Machine Learning. You will explore neural networks, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Epic Games, PUBG, Daybreak, Ubisoft and more creators of battle royale games are hiring developers every day to make games. This course is the #1 way to break into the battle royale genre.

With this bundle, anyone can build educational apps and games using coding and artificial intelligence. This course is perfect for beginners who want to build apps for the youth market.

This five-level course will take you from no experience in business into a life of financial wisdom and entrepreneurship. You will learn from a successful CEO how to be profitable in your personal life and in a side hustle.

In this 50-hour bundle, students will learn software that is revolutionizing development. Scirra's Construct Engine makes it easy for anyone to make complete games faster than ever before because no coding is required.

This bundle of 14 Unity courses will teach you how to build games from scratch to be a developer with a huge portfolio. You will learn C#, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Unity machine learning with Python.

In this 17-course bundle, you will build low poly and high poly 3D models. Anyone can learn the free digital art software Blender. To integrate projects, you will also learn Unity, MakeHuman and Adobe Photoshop.

Learn to Code

Discover the secrets to becoming a quick, effective, and profitable coder by creating projects in HTML, C++, Ruby, Python, JavaScript & more!

Build Apps

Learn how to build apps for Android, iPhone & Apple Watch. Discover the language, tools, and processes required to get your app out the door.

Develop Games

Become a master at building games from scratch, using industry-leading engines. Create new worlds in Unity3D, Unreal, GameMaker & Construct 2.

Become an Entrepreneur

Discover how to turn your newfound skills into a long term career. Learn business and time management strategies, marketing & more!

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