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Looks like we’ll all be coders soon.

Everyone is worried about losing their job to machines. You may have heard of the robots that replaced burger flippers in California. But are all of our jobs really at risk?

While some jobs will be lost to Artificial Intelligence (AI), others will be created by it. A statistics evaluation published last month from the United States Department of Labor ranked software developers on the projected “Occupations with the most job growth” for 2024. The employment count of software developers in the US is predicted to increase by 18.8%. The median annual wage in 2016 for this occupation was $100,080.

Evidently, it’s looking good for people studying software development. As FastCompany says, coding is coming to every industry you can think of. There’s even a management agency for coding talent.

But you don’t need to join a coding agency to be a coder. Odds are, as technology progresses, you’ll have to incorporate coding as part of your job.

Luckily, learning to code doesn’t mean you have to go back to university for 4 years. Online learning makes programming easy to learn from home. As we embrace that we’ll have to learn new skills to keep up with technology, we’ll be able to work with innovation rather than against it to make life more stable and efficient. 👍

You’re invited! Come to our SpriteKit webinar.

Do you want to make 2D games for Apple products? Join master programmer Nimish Narang for a 1-hour webinar on how to navigate the SpriteKit framework. Register here for just 10 dollars.

Why SpriteKit?

SpriteKit is THE framework for making 2D games for Apple products. It’s free! You can make cool games, from super simple to more complex, in SpriteKit. SpriteKit provides support for cool special effects and physics. It’s a fun interface to express your creativity. Before you know it, you could see a game you built in SpriteKit in the App Store!

Here’s what we’ll do:

– Learn the basics of scenes, nodes, actions, and physics bodies in Xcode’s game engine
– Put all the concepts together to make the simple version of a classic game for iOS

But wait, there’s MORE! If you enroll in this webinar, you’ll get 2 FREE courses from Mammoth Interactive. First, you’ll get our NEW Introduction to SpriteKit course, where you learn how to build 3 games in SpriteKit. Second, you’ll get our 77-hour course on how to build virtual reality games with Blender and Unity3D!

Have fun, and learn something new. Reserve your spot today for just 10 dollars.

UI Inspiration #8

See below for some of my favorite UI from Dribbble from the past week (through May 5). If you get inspired to make your own site, check out Mammoth Interactive’s Web Developer course

Course View - Animation by Nimasha Perera

Course View – Animation by Nimasha Perera

Playstation iOS App - Messages by Filip Slováček

Playstation iOS App – Messages by Filip Slováček

Personal Portfolio Layout by Ana Sakač

Personal Portfolio Layout by Ana Sakač

Wandr | Tattoo UI by John Pascarella

Wandr | Tattoo UI by John Pascarella

FoodMix - Mix'em All! by Vitaly Dulenko

FoodMix – Mix’em All! by Vitaly Dulenko

Inhouse Shopping Cart by Olia Gozha 👩🏻‍💻

Inhouse Shopping Cart by Olia Gozha 👩🏻‍💻

Single Product by Angel Martinez

Single Product by Angel Martinez

Notebook Interface by Chimney

Notebook Interface by Chimney

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Indie Game Inspiration #2

There’s so much awesome indie game inspiration on Twitter. See below some of my favorites of late. Inspired to make your own game? Check out Mammoth Interactive’s Ninja Survival gamedev course.

If this inspired you to make your own game, enroll in our Ninja Survival gamedev course. It’s on sale now for only 19 dollars! If you want to be featured next week, tag @MammothCompany, or comment below.