Who are the instructors behind the screen, and the team that makes Mammoth Interactive a reality? Get to know us here.

Nimish Narang is our mobile app developer specializing in both iOS and Android apps. In his free time, he likes to play guitar, go to the gym and laze around at the beach.

John Bura is the founder of Mammoth Interactive. His specialties include Swift, iOS development and Game Development. He has produced over 40 apps and is a Udemy Top Selling Instructor. He has a daughter named Charlotte, and in his spare time he likes to cycle, ski and play ultimate Frisbee.

Suzanne Louis is our web developer/designer and marketing consultant. In her spare time, she can be found playing with her daughter and watching movies.

Glauco Pires is our game developer. He has nearly a decade of experience making arcade and educational games for clients from all around the globe. Besides coding and playing games, Glauco also enjoys running early in the morning and being judged for willingly waking up before sunrise.

Alexandra Kropova is our communications manager, as well as a writer and editor. Alexandra has worked on many of Mammoth Interactive’s books, including the collaborative, 700-page Ultimate iOS 10 Book. In her spare time, Alexandra can be found wrestling plants at Invasive Plant Pulls.

Frank Ruiz De Castilla is the video editor and uploader that ensures all our students have the lectures they paid for. Frank is also a G-Rank Dual-blade Wielder at Monster Hunter.

Kevin Liao is the local 3D artist at Mammoth Interactive. Other than creating art all day, Kevin enjoys playing competitive games like Overwatch in his spare time.

Meet our course creators from the Mammoth Internship Program

Kevin Tai teaches our macOS development course

Kevin Tai teaches Practical MacOS Bootcamp – Learn to Code & Build Useful Apps. He has studied programming as far back as 20 years ago in Pascal language and has experience coding in both Microsoft and Apple environments. He has tutored college students on introduction to programming in Visual Basic, and mentored junior colleagues as an SDK Support Analyst in one of the largest privately owned companies in the world.

He’s coded to automate processes for staff members. With 7 years of experience as a software tester and an international certification for software testing, Kevin has a keen awareness for creating high quality applications as a developer.

Carlo Namoca teaches Complete Sketch UI For Beginners: App Design From Scratch. His passion is for developing apps in Apple’s ecosystem, and he has intensive training to do so in Swift and Objective-C languages.

Carlo is a self taught graphic designer with years of experience designing promotional posters for the nights that he DJs in. He also works as an iOS developer. In his spare time, Carlo finds inspiration through music and art.

Koyuki Nakamori teaches Data Mining with Python! Real-Life Data Science Exercises.

Koyuki is a data scientist with a background in mathematics, statistics, and operations research. A mentor to many junior data scientists, Koyuki says, ‘Love what I do and eager to teach and learn more!’

Founded in 2009, Mammoth Interactive produces online tutorials in web, app, and game development. Our 400’000 students develop practical coding skills that they need to enter the workforce. We combine theory with hands-on experience.


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