Black Girls Code officially funded!

A few months ago we were approached by Udemy to donate our Stencyl course to an organization called Black Girls Code. ” Black Girls Code was founded to bring computer programming education content to young girls of color (Black, Latina and Native American) ages 7-17 to become builders and leaders of technological innovation and their own futures”. We are happy to announce that the indiegogo campaign was completely funded. Our Stencyl course was the 500 dollar benchmark for pledging. We here at Mammoth Interactive love to see people learn. We were glad that we were able to make a difference and help out this organization.  You can see the link here.

And you can visit their website here.

Our education courses have a new design!

Have you seen our new branding? We here at Mammoth Interactive love minimalism. You can now get into any course for 99 dollar and you can take our 1 hour courses for only 49 dollars! What we love the most is these course designs are simple and effective. Notice how we don’t have to tell you what the course is about, it’s all in the image! The courses are color coded. Game courses are red, our 1 hour series is yellow, music courses are gray, and our very special courses are purple. Go ahead, learn the tech skill you have always wanted to learn.

Learn to make apps without coding!


Game Design



game salad course


Xcode ios

Xcode osx

Kids Coding

kids coding


KC JavaScript

KC html

1 hour series


Course template



app from scratch

Garage Band

Garage band

FL Studio

fl studio

CEO John Bura named top Udemy Instructor!

CEO of Mammoth Interactive John Bura was named the #1 Udemy instructor.


This week we’re highlighting some of our top instructors; instructors who have helped hundred and thousands of students achieve their goals.


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Never Stop Learning With Top Instructors
Meet Your Instructor   Meet Your Instructor   Meet Your Instructor
John Bura   Mark Lassoff   Robert Farrell
Owner of Mammoth Interactive with courses ranging from app development to creating a song in 1 hour. 


Teaching 11643 students

Join John

  Mark has trained a long roster of clients such as the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Discover…


Teaching 11039 students

Join Mark

  Master Adobe Software Teacher with over 40 courses to choose from.


Teaching 10136 students

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Meet Your Instructor   Meet Your Instructor   Meet Your Instructor
Victor Bastos   Chris Bryant   Huw Collingbourne
Web Developer teaching his students how to become a web developer from scratch!


Teaching 7635 students

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  Helping thousands of network techs worldwide in earning their Cisco and CompTIA certifications. 


Teaching 7092 students

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  Director of Technology, SapphireSteel Software, developers of the “Sapphire” Ruby IDE for Visual Studio and… 


Teaching 4268 students

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Meet Your Instructor   Meet Your Instructor   Meet Your Instructor
Miguel Hernandez   Sandor Nagy   Sushant Das
Founder of Grumo Media, creating promotional videos for clients like Hipmunk, inDinero, Ashton Kutcher… 


Teaching 2947 students

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  “I was born to code, design & monetize. I do those every day in the name”


Teaching 2477 students

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  Head Tutor at specializing in smart phone technologies including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. 


Teaching 2344 students

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