Global Internship Program

Become a paid online instructor with tech course creator Mammoth Interactive.

Are you good with technology? With us can make a few extra dollars per month to save in your Roth IRA or Tax-Free Savings Account, pay for your kid’s daycare, or save for a vacation.

If you’re tired of your long commute this also gives you the opportunity to work from home. Join us in making tutorials to monetize the extra work you do!

Benefits of Being an Intern

I founded Mammoth Interactive to give ambitious people an outlet for their productivity, creativity, and work ethic. Since 2011 we’ve hired dozens of people and want to hire more!

We will give you skills on how to be an efficient worker, make amazing screencasts, and deliver information to beginners. By going through a beginner’s process, you will master the fundamentals of the topics you choose.

I’m a better coder today because I made tutorials. Myself, Mammoth employees, and other interns have benefited from this process.

Every coder tells you to make code simple and easy to read. The best way to learn to do that is make practical projects and explain them to complete beginners.

When I graduated from university I tried to get jobs in different countries, but I failed because I didn’t have the right documentation. I know looking for work can be frustrating if you don’t live in the right country. Opportunity can be on the other side of the fence. We hire from a global base of people because talent and ambition are stateless.

Instructor Overview

The Global Internship Program is your easiest way to transition from school to workplace. As an intern, your first task will be to create a 5-hour tutorial series teaching beginners how to do something in your field of expertise.

Do you like to be productive and need valuable experience? This internship is for you. The program stems from when I (John Bura and CEO of Mammoth Interactive) couldn’t get a job. I was inundated with unpaid internships. I vowed when I created a company that I would not do that.

The Internship Process

As your first task you will make a 5-hour tutorial series. This series will be mostly screencasts of practical content targeting beginners.

For your first video, we will go through several iterations as we train you to make tutorials our way. All instructors, experienced or beginner, go through this process to learn the Mammoth Interactive style to which our students are accustomed.

Next you will make more tutorials to fill out an hour of content. By then you should have a solid grasp of making tutorials.

We’ll pay you once the entire 5 hours is completed. Since we’re a bootstrapped company, the first payment won’t include revenue share. If your 5-hour course sells, we will hire you again with a competitive revenue share. The better your tutorials are, the more we will hire you and the more rev share you’ll receive.

More Opportunities

We sell our content on many platforms like online marketplaces. With Mammoth Interactive you can make more money from online bootcamps, 1-on-1 support, and consulting. We are growing our instructor team and will market your skills to our base of hundreds of thousands of people.

Lots of companies don’t want to put in the effort to train people, especially young people without experience. We will train you to make good screencasts and coding/tech tutorials. We strongly believe in helping young people get a foothold in the marketplace.

Apply Now

To apply, send intern(at) a 5-minute sample coding tutorial, and your resume. Use Camtasia for PC or Capto for Mac to record your screen.