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Let’s learn how to use a basic modifier that we is often used when making 3D low poly art in Blender. To follow along hands-on, create a new project in
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Extrude in Blender One frequently used tool of Blender is the Extrusion tool. Extrusion duplicates vertices while keeping the new geometry connected to the original vertices. An outward extrusion outsets
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Blender’s Numpad Camera Let’s look at Blender’s abilities when the Numbpad setting is turned on. In a new Blender project, let’s turn on Numpad. Go to File > User Preferences. Open
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Introduction to Blender Blender is a user-friendly, free 3D modelling program that is you can easily download online. If you have experience using 3D programs such as Maya, learning to
1. Code References Code References allows you to find any element, tag or method in the extension’s the supported languages. You can use the Search tool to find the element