Mammoth Interactive has released a brand-new game: Pluvo! Play it now. Pluvo is a simple minimalist puzzle platformer you can finish in one sitting. This pay-once, own-forever game is a
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What it means to be a coder changes every year. Not only do you need hard skills (tech abilities), you also need soft skills, which concern the more human aspect
Mammoth Interactive has 2 webinars coming up that you don’t want to miss. Get all the details below: 1. Introduction to Core ML *Includes FREE $500 Course!   Learn about
If you’re not supporting us on Patreon already, you should because we’ve added tons of rewards exclusive to Patrons. In that past month, we gave Patrons a FREE BOOK and
Introducing our latest massive project: Hello Coding. It took 5 months, and it’s here! Featuring 164 hours of curriculum and 17¬†bonus courses, it’s on sale now for $49. We’ve gotten