Student Showcase: Seahunter

Thanks to our game development student Andreas for sharing this screenshot of your Seahunter Unity project.

We’re glad our Legend of Zenda course helped you bring an idea to life!

We hope this inspires you to continue with your course or start a new game with Mammoth Interactive. If we’ve helped you make a project, let us know on Twitter/Facebook. We’d love to feature you!

Click here to watch a demo of Andreas’ Seahunter game

Stay curious!

Your instructors,

Mammoth Interactive

What It Took To Adapt Roald Dahl’s Book

Dear Mammoth Interactive students,

We want to share this awesome article From Book To Animation: What It Took To Adapt Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’​ ​by Ian Failes​.

Most notable is “Blender was used for modelling along with ZBrush and Mudbox for the sculpting and texturing. The chipped-off paint textures on the stage sets were done in Photoshop.”

How exciting! We hope this inspires you to explore more of Blender’s capabilitiesEven if you’re a programmer, learning design will always make your product that much better.

​PS. If we helped you learn Blender, please share your creations with us, post a review, or invite your friends to join you in a Blender course​!

Mammoth Interactive

Intergalactic Zoo from RTK3 Games – Game by Mammoth Interactive Student in Construct 2

We at Mammoth Interactive love hearing when you use what you learned in our courses to publish your own games. RTK3 Games is out with a new arcade game made in Construct 2!

Intergalactic Zoo is a plat-former game for kids where you try and collect all the gems before time runs out. Collect those gems in quick enough time to unlock a small present, a large present and/or a key to help rescue the Mama animals. Save the mama animals to go to bonus level to save the babies.

– 5 Characters to choose from
– 25 Levels
– 5 themes for the players to discover
– Text screens have voice over for younger gamers who cannot read yet
– Great Background Music
– Local High Score Save

Watch the game trailer below!

Want to make a game like this? Enroll in Mammoth Interactive courses on game development with Scirra’s Construct game engine:

Make Games Without Coding in Construct 3

Learn to Make a Game in 30 Minutes with Construct 3

The Complete Game Developer Course – Build 80 Games in Construct 2

What are the best online courses?

Don’t listen to us! Listen to our students. Read reviews below of the courses our students love most.

Online Learning Success Stories

Our thanks to everyone who shares their story with us at Mammoth Interactive! We always get inspired when we hear your experience.

“This course helped me a lot for programming, convinced me to do programming and made me understand programming with some fun in it! Overall I don’t need to go back and watch any of the courses vids since its explained in detail! Love it!!!”

Amar on Kids Coding -Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript

“Before this course I only knew basic coding. During this course, mostly due to the great explanations, I learned so much about coding. Looking forward to taking more courses of Mammoth after I make this game shine for my 2 daughters who loved to play every bit of the game during the course.”

Roel on Build The Legend of Zenda Game in Unity® and Blender (CC)

“I teach university students game development, mainly using the Unreal Engine 4, the six different games give a good insight into using C++ to create functionality with Unreal Engine 4. This area of development is a minefield with basic issues like intellisense not integrating with UE4 C++ projects and the vastness and complexity of UE4, these tutorials have helped me create course material, which in turn has helped all levels of students; to get the most from UE4.”

Jason on Learn how to make 6 games in the Unreal Engine

“Moves fast but really does teach good character design. I learned more in a half hour than I have in months on my own.”

Kevin on Create Low Poly Game Characters in Blender3D

“This course has made clear to me many obscure concepts about JS. I’ve tried to learn it for years. This makes it easy.”

Igor on Beginner’s ES6 Programming. Code for the Web in JavaScript.

“It was very easy to understand. I wasn’t sure if I should be intimidated by coding or if I should see it as something that is easy, but this course makes it understandable and fun. Thanks.”

Shannon on Kids Coding -Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript

What are your reviews? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Mammoth Interactive

Get to know 3D modeling instructor Kevin Liao

Do you want to learn 3D modelling? Mammoth Interactive instructor Kevin Liao has you covered.

Get to know 3D modeler Kevin Liao

Q: Why did you enter your field?

A: I enjoy creating things from nothing, having a virtual medium feels more enjoyable and efficient for me personally.

Q: What have you been working on recently at Mammoth Interactive?

A: Designing and creating simple modular building blocks, simple and elegant parts for build-it-yourself buildings.

Q: What’s your favorite thing you made or implemented recently?

A: I don’t really have favorites, but I’d say the objects that were implemented into games would be my favorite creations.

Q: If you could share one thing with someone who is considering following your career path, what would that one thing be?

A: Work hard, create things, try not to follow mainstream designs.

Q: Share something funny or lighthearted from the past 2 months, related to your work.

A: A healthy diet keeps you working efficiently at work. I eat a nutrition bar, my coworker brings in whole bags of fresh produce. I always crack when I look at my pitiful nutrition bar and back at his pile of food.

Q: What’s a challenge you’ve come across?

A: A challenge I’d say would be having the patience to work through the lag fest of the Unity Asset Store recently. For some reason, the asset store has been really lagging hard lately.

Q: Why do you like working at Mammoth?

A: Mammoth gives us the freedom to choose and work on things that we wish to work on.

Q: What’s a production pitfall you’ve had to overcome recently?

A: Everything has been fairly smooth lately, nothing really classified as a pitfall.

Q: What separates successful students in your field from the rest?

A: Work hard, the grades don’t matter.

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