Do you want to get personal, objective help for your entrepreneurship, company, or career? Experienced business owner and Mammoth Interactive founder John Bura is offering the following consulting services. Email sales(at) to set up a date and time. Each session is 1 hour via Skype.

John has been an entrepreneur since he was 17. John built Mammoth Interactive from scratch and bootstrapped his funding. Since its inception, the company has had over 400,000 students. Get expert advice from John on how to take your own career, company, or entrepreneurship to the next level of success.

Become an Entrepreneur

Do you want to start your own business? John can teach you how to stand out in the tech industry and successfully start your own company. Learn how to fuse your hard skills with soft skills including persuasion, productivity, and team dynamics.

John is the founder and owner of the education company Mammoth Interactive. We’ve created software for the Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad and more. We’ve sold our own games to companies like Nickelodeon and have contributed to 40 commercial games. Our iOS apps have been in the App Store’s Top 10. John can give you valuable insight into becoming an entrepreneur.

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Become an Online Teacher

John has been teaching since 2002. He began in a classroom and successfully transitioned to online. John will give you practical advice on becoming a teacherpreneur. Get personalized help on how to transition from teaching in a classroom to teaching online. Learn how to network.

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Teach on Udemy

Do you want to take your skills to Udemy? Udemy is the top platform on which to post your online courses. John will give you personal help on how to transfer your skills to this digital learning site. You too can become a profitable teacher on Udemy. Learn how to optimize your courses and become a leader in your field.

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Get a Career in the Tech Industry

Coding is the way of the future, and those that can enter the tech field will be well-set to have reliable jobs that will continue into a long career. John can give you tips on getting your foot in the door. Learn how to become the ideal candidate for a tech company and how to improve your skills as an individual.

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Run a Kickstarter

John has designed and launched 7 successful Kickstarter projects for a total of over $175’000 raised. John is available for consulting on how to set up Kickstarters, plan projects, get marketing, and other help to make your project successful.

View Mammoth Interactive’s ‘Hello Coding: Anyone Can Learn to Code’ Kickstarter HERE.

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Email and Social Media Marketing

Learn how to grow an email list to over 100’000 subscribers. Use social media to spread the message about your project and gain funding. Learn how to format emails and maximize the potential of each message you send. Learn how to use WordPress. Find out how to write a product description to best sell your products.

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Learn to Code

Do you want to learn to code but aren’t sure where to start? Get expert advice from industry leader John on what path you should pursue. There are many different routes to take as a coder, whether you want to make games, apps, websites, web apps, artificial intelligence, and more.

Get insight from John on the leading coding languages, which topics you should invest your study time in, and how to get the most out of your courses to learn efficiently. Your resume will grow before you know it! Learn how to get ahead of your competitors.

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