How Unity Can Save The Film Industry

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We at Mammoth Interactive found a cool article we wanted to share with some exciting news on Unity. As you may know, Unity’s Unite Berlin game development conference has been going strong these past few days. Among releasing Book Of The Dead assets for free on the Unity Asset Store and giving workshops on animation, VR, and machine learning, Unity has released a new tool: the Facial AR Remote Component.

The Facial AR Remote Component

With this feature a character in your Unity scene can move its face to match yours simply through an iPhone. See a screenshot below from Unity’s livestream presentation.

Watch the keynote at

Watch the keynote at​

Facial animations can take hours to do, so this feature will save developers time and money. On top of that —​ AR technology can also be used to save production costs on films. And this is just the beginning. With more computer tools, building virtual worlds will be easier than ever before.

We at Mammoth Interactive encourage you to read more about this at Alphr’s post by Thomas McMullan​.

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