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Sample Curricula Developed by Mammoth Interactive

We often turn our course curricula into books. See examples below:

Build a Super Marlo Runner Game in Unity

This curriculum begins with a thorough introduction to navigating the interface of the Unity game engine. After learning how to use Unity’s platform, students build an entire 3D platform runner game from scratch. The lesson plan shows how to make all the code and primitive art for the game in Unity.

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Introduction to Unity
  • Part 2: Enabling Game Movement
  • Part 3: Creating Game Objects
  • Part 4: Creating Speed Blocks and Enemies
  • Part 5: Creating More Enemies
  • Part 6: Creating the Power-Up and Finish Line
  • Part 7: Creating Background Elements
  • Part 8: Designing the Main Menu
  • Part 9: Fine-Tuning the Game
  • Part 10: Multiple Level Design
  • Conclusion

See this curriculum in action

Build a 3D Virtual Reality Whackamole Game

In this curriculum, students learn to build a game from scratch using Unity and Blender. The lesson plan includes setting up the game in Unity, building the framework for the game with scripts and making primitive art. In Part 2, students use Blender to make low poly 3D models for game art, including the arcade scene, moles, and a player-controlled hammer.

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Introduction to Unity
  • Part 2: Coding in C#
  • Part 3: Creating Your First Virtual Reality Game
  • Part 4: Making a 3D Virtual Reality Whackamole Game
  • Part 5: Making Low Poly 3D Models
  • Conclusion and Challenge


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