Escape Code for iOS

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Escape Code puts coding, technology and artificial intelligence into a fun but challenging environment. If you like escape rooms, this is the game for you.

No experience? No problem. Escape Code requires no coding experience to play. Players of all levels and ages are welcome. You can be ANY AGE to find something in this game for you. If you have coding experience, you’ll enjoy finding Eastern eggs hidden in binary throughout the game.

Play with code in a fun environment. Engage with puzzles and coding challenges! Escape Code puts coding into a clever plot. Escape Code is a fun adventure game for all.



  • Interwoven puzzles
  • Plot twists
  • Made entirely in Apple’s SpriteKit
  • Learn coding
  • Easter eggs hidden in binary
  • Masterful art and design
  • Easy, touch-friendly controls
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Made exclusively on Macs
  • Learn Apple’s Swift programming language
  • No typing required
  • Optimized for MacOS
  • Challenges and exploration

A game with a unique mechanic

This is a game unlike any you’ve played before. Escape Code is a challenging adventure game with a coding mechanic tied into plot. Max will learn a thing or two about coding along the way.

Get it now if you love technology and games.

Do you like Criminal Case, Can You Escape and Walking Dead? You’ll love Escape Code. Play an engaging and clever game to escape a tech factory on Christmas!

Something locks you in the #1 tech factory in the world over holiday break. You must stop an evil Artificial Intelligence from destroying the world! Meet a good AI that needs your help. Solve puzzles and coding problems to escape.

Escape Code is not an educational game. Rather, you uncover a plot by solving puzzles, riddles and questions. Our coding feature is unique. There is no other SpriteKit adventure game with such innovate mechanics.

Get hours of engaging fun. Escape Code is compact and will keep you entertained without droning on for a long time.

No coding experience required. We won’t force you to code. You will learn intuitively from code on screen.

Watch out for plot twists along the way. How will Max’s story end? You can only find out by playing! Accept brain challenges the factory throws at you.


This game is made for Apple fans. We love Apple and wanted to make one of the biggest, if not the biggest, games made with SpriteKit. As such, we took a year to perfect our game in Apple’s exciting game engine SpriteKit. We are one of few developers to make games in this convenient game engine.

Escape Code is built, designed and optimized for a clean adventure quest experience. We made this game exclusively on Macs. Game coding challenges are written in Apple’s official programming language Swift. All code is easy to read, and no typing is required. Escape Code will look stunning on your device!

A global collaboration made possible the minimalist art and music of Escape Code. Our international team worked masterfully to make Escape Code’s pleasing aesthetic. There’s something to notice at every step of the way through the Terra factory.

We’ll see you in the game 🙂


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