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We are giving away TWO 3-month subscriptions to the Mammoth Interactive online school. What are the rules of this contest? There are TWO ways to win.

1) Subscribe to us on YouTube and share the livestream on Twitter/Facebook
2) Or attend the livestream with special instructions during the show

Duration of the Contest: Now – June 13th 2018 (deadline extended)

Win 3 months of 150+ courses by subscribing to our YouTube channel before the stream. You must also share the show:

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Win 3 months of 150+ courses by watching during the livestream. John will give viewers special instructions on how to enter live!

Set your reminder for Wednesday June 13!

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Top 5 Sites to Clean with Stylish

Did you know you can clean up websites with different themes? Stylish is a browser extension where you can choose custom themes for the sites you visit! See below my Top 5 favorite sites to clean up with Stylish.

Want to make your own custom websites? To learn how to code, check out Mammoth Interactive’s Learn to Code Today course.

1. Wikipedia


After: (with Classypedia)

2. Gmail


After: (with Clean UI for Gmail)

3. Google


After: (with Material Design)

4. WordPress


After: (with dark administration interface)

5. Youtube


After: (with Clean Youtube 2016)

Stylish themes are made by people just like you! To learn how to code, check out Mammoth Interactive’s Learn to Code Today course.