Why Your Kids Must Learn with Self-Directed Learning.

Let’s discuss why every kid today needs to start learning online. Too much time is wasted not valuing yourself or your future. The benefits of padding your in-class learning with online learning will change your kid’s life.

The Broken School System

Parents and students alike have become far too comfortable with the broken system. Kids are pushed along today’s school system, regardless of whether they understand content or if that content is valuable.

Most people are used to the school system where kids get pushed along regardless of whether they know the content.

The school system is an effective institution at teaching students new skills. But, as the economy changes and work changes, the demands for a person’s skill set are changing, too. Along with people’s percent of what is valuable.

The Current Economic Reality

The tried tested and true model of our education system has gaps with the current economic reality of work.

As technology gets more prevalent in the workplace, the gap stretches between workers who know how to use and manipulate technology and those who don’t. The question becomes, How do we effectively teach people to manipulate technologies to master their craft and maximize their skills for the future?

Practicing vs Standardizing

When you code or build technology, you’re building a product. This contrasts the standardized testing method of schools today. In fact building an app or a game or a robot is more similar to disciplines, like sports, that require you to perform.

Practicing and performing is essential because going to class is only half of the equation. Where do kids get the other half? Self-directed online learning.

Kids who go through self-directed online learning become more attuned with the economy and workforce.

Building Projects through Curated Tutorials

When kids learn online, there is no test. There is only a project to build. Mammoth Interactive is the #1 course provider that teaches practical projects. If you were working at Google, there’s no multiple choice that you must ace. You must build products for the world to use.

Although standardized testing is convenient for determining some areas of a child’s ability, online education teaches the real world examples that every school system ignores.

Kids can be Self Starters

What happens when my child takes an online course? What skills do kids learn?

Kids learn that their spare time can be used for building projects rather than playing games or watching YouTube. Kids teach themselves to self-start, which prepares them for their future.

Upgrading your Resume as a Programmer

Because technology moves so quickly, programmers must upgrade their skills every year at minimum to stay relevant in their career. Most knowledge upgrading is done after work hours. Mammoth Interactive produces courses fastest in the industry so that you can learn as quickly as possible.

Using your Spare Time Wisely

Kids that use their spare time to learn a new skill will over time build a richer profile. Watching any online tutorial advances you because you’re using your time for career capital. The more career capital you accrue, the better your career will be.

Even if your child learns passively through online courses, they will benefit. If they build a project, they’ve turned a hobby into a step ahead in life. While everyone else waits to get to the starting line, your kid will be poised to sprint.

Learning in Between Projects

The more projects your child completes, the more they learn. Surprisingly, people don’t learn while they’re doing a project. They learn in between projects.

Improving in Increments

John Bura from Mammoth Interactive has a 10-10-10 rule in business. Every project you build should be 10% better, in 10% less time, and generate 10% more money. Making 100 projects to learn from your mistakes is the best way to build your skillset.

The Practice and Perform Model

A basketball player would practice and play games. They might learn a few things while playing the championship game. However, most of the learning comes from the practice. This is where Mammoth Interactive courses shine. We show students the Practice and Perform Model. Have you ever wondered why music lessons increase kids’ test scores? The answer is the practice and perform model.

Getting Hired at Google

When it comes to practical projects, accreditation doesn’t matter. Big companies like Tesla and Google hire based on performance, not test scores. 1/3 of all Google programmers don’t have a computer science or computer engineering degree.


Computer Science and Computer Engineering Degrees

Computer science and engineering degrees show an incomplete picture of being a good programmer. While degrees are the best paths to becoming a programmer, they are incomplete. Many computer scientists and engineers take our courses to fill that gap.

Accessible for All Ages and Learning Speeds

You can start learning online today. You don’t have to wait to show up to a class. You can start now and watch courses on during your commute, plane ride or chores. You can learn anywhere at any time.

The Modern Well-Rounded Student

The best way to become a programmer with a big fish career in tech is to go to class, learn online, AND connect with like-minded people. Miss out on any one of these, and your career won’t be as colorful. Online learning will put your child ahead.

Bill Gates wrote his first software program at the age of 13. You can too!

A Cheap Way to Learn High Demand Topics

When you’re not practicing, someone else is. Coding courses are the most cost-effective way to learn and practice in your spare time. Online learning is complementary to everything else you’re doing in school. You can’t learn only online or in class. Your competition is learning in more than one way.

Start now with a Mammoth Interactive course!