5 Email Metrics You Should Track

There are most important 5 email metrics you should track:

  • OPEN RATE: As its name suggests, your open rate refers to how many people open each email you send. Generally, an open rate of 20-30 percent is a good benchmark. You might want to work on a killer subject line to increase the open rate

  • CLICK THROUGH RATE: fairly easy to understand, and they measure how many people click the links in your emails.Again, average click rates vary by industry, but typically anything over 10% is good. A strong call to action an easy and effective way to increase your CTR

  • CONVERSION RATE: is the percentage of recipients who clicked on the link and completed the action you desire from them, whether it’s a purchase or submission. Make sure you send a welcome email, set up a drip, lead-nurturing campaign to get a higher conversion rate.


  • BOUNCE RATE: Occurs when you send a message to an email that no longer exists. If your bounce rate reaches 2-3%, you may want to consider cleaning up your email list.


  • UNSUBSCRIBE RATE: refers to how many people unsubscribe from each email you send. Avoiding spam and providing related and helpful content to your audience is the best way to get a low unsubscribe rate.


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