Book Released! Learn Swift 3.0 by Mammoth Interactive

Have you always wanted to create your own iOS app? Mammoth Interactive has written a new book just for you: Learn Swift 3.0.

Even if you have never coded before, you can learn how to use Xcode. The practical examples in Learn Swift 3.0 explain key topics in app development, including the following:

Variables – A crucial part of your code as a developer is variables. This book covers the common types of variables, including integers, strings, and Booleans. As well, you will learn how to create your own type for when Xcode’s are just not enough for your program.

Functions – If you want your application to function, you need functions! Functions are blocks of code that execute tasks. You will learn how to set up a function and make it perform a task. As well, you will learn how to include if statements and for in loops in functions. What are if statements and for in loops? Read Learn Swift 3.0 to find out! There are chapters on them, too.

Statements and Loops – Did you know you can test the value of an object using a switch statement?  Also, you can perform the same function on multiple items with just one while loop! This book covers those and other ways to control the flow of your code so that your app functions in exactly the way you want.

Learn Swift 3.0 is a beginner’s guide to the Swift 3.0 programming language. Swift 3.0 is a powerful, intuitive interface with which you can design incredible apps.

With this book, you will learn how to experiment with Xcode using Swift 3.0’s user-friendly Playground. As such, you will learn the foundations of making an app, and your first one will be up-and-running in no time!

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