Build tvOS Apps for the Apple TV | New Course Release

Code for the Apple TV.

Do you want to build your own apps for the Apple TV? Whether you have or have not ever developed for iOS, you can learn the fundamentals of making apps for tvOS with our NEW Apple TV course.

Our Apple TV course begins by covering the fundamentals of the Swift programming language. This course does not assume any level of experience and is therefore perfect for beginners! If you have never coded before, you will learn basic programming concepts.

You will learn how to use Xcode to design and code apps. If you have experience developing for iOS or macOS, the Apple TV course will give you a head start into developing for tvOS.

Throughout the tutorials, you will build – from scratch – three functional tvOS apps:

Quiz App – Create a multiple-choice quiz. Learn how to add buttons and keep track of a user’s score.

Dialogue Tree App – Create a chat bot. A user will be able to have a conversation with a computer character.

Interactive Story App – Create a choose-your-own adventure game. A user will be able to make choices to continue their character’s story.

By the end of the Apple TV course, you will have three functioning apps that you can easily modify to fill in your own content. Your own apps will be up-and-running in no time!


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