Learn to make games without coding in Construct 3

Get an epic 6-level course that will take you from newbie to pro at making your own computer games.

Coding is the hardest part of making a game. What if you could build a game without coding? We are here to show you how to do just that.

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Enroll now to build your own huge portfolio of simple 2D games. You will learn game development, design and mechanics with no coding.

What you’ll get at a glance

  • Get something no one can take away from you: an education
  • Become a technical and creative thinker
  • Make games that work well and look good
  • Learn anywhere and build anytime
  • Get lifetime access to a course
  • Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune
  • Solve problems with a smart and fun mindset
  • And much more!

What Is Construct 3?

Construct 3 is software that lets you make your own computer games. This revolutionary platform makes game making easier, more convenient and fun.

This MEGABUNDLE has 6 easy to follow levels:

Introducing the Construct 3 Ecosystem

 You can choose how you learn to make the course the most intuitive and enjoyable for you.

Make Your Game Work with Cool Features

 You don’t need to install or set up anything. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Once loaded Construct 3 will work even offline.

Construct 3 will run on all iOS 11+ AND Android based mobile devices.

Make Your Own Pixel Art in Construct 3 from Scratch

We’ll take you through each step on our screen over-the-shoulder style. You’ll get to see how the experts do their work.

Add More Details to Games You Make

You will learn to make a visually appealing product. Get a sense of aesthetic to make your game stand out from others on the App Store.

Make More Challenging Game Type

We’ve taken the time to curate a curriculum tailored for people of all levels.

This course is beginner-friendly. If you have game development experience already, join to broaden your skills. You will get exposed through our courses to making many types of games.

Pledge now to also get free reign to build on these games to make your own creations.

Do you have an idea for a game you want to see that no one else is making?

If you like playing games, make the jump from consumer to creator with this course. This is a one-stop shop.

Continue Your Journey as an Experienced Developer

 Why should you learn Construct 3?
  • Make games without coding
  • Easiest engine to use for 2D games
  • Can make games up to 10 times faster than other engines

Why should you make a game?

  • Making a game allows you to learn a new skill. It’s important to keep learning.
  • Making a game allows you to be technical and creative. Learning game development will teach you how to find connection between different ideas. Innovation sparks when two unrelated disciplines come together.
  • You can make money. As a game developer, you’ll have control over your job and will get your name out there.

Construct 3 will be your new favorite engine

  • Like most game engine platforms, Construct 3 has free and paid versions. We use the free version for the 6 levels of this course. We will use the more advanced paid version of Construct 3 in bonus sections.
  • Uses events and actions to create games
  • Has robust features
  • Can export to many platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Consoles. *must have the paid version to do this.
  • Paid version costs only 30 cents USD per day.
  • What we don’t do: take you from just A to B. We go in depth. You will learn game building secrets only taught the most prestigious colleges.
  • Build 10 games from scratch

Design AND Develop

Not only will you learn to make games that work well and have different features, you will learn to make all art yourself.

 You will learn to make all art for games from scratch. No more need to outsource artists or use basic stock footage!

Our History

Make your next game, website, app or data science project with Mammoth Interactive! Over 400’000 students have enrolled in this online school since its founding in 2008.

Targeting beginners, a Mammoth Interactive curriculum takes you step by step through a project from start to finish. Learn by doing in your next Mammoth Interactive course!

You will get hours of content.

Show people what you can do by learning in-demand skills in a hot field of technology.

No more searching for tutorials online to try to put together what you need to know.

Online learning simply is here to stay. It’s only growing.

Join our Mammoth community of people who want to grow their skills in a fun environment.

Who is the target audience?

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Perfect for people who want to be able to show off their own game and amaze everyone
  • Anyone who wants to leap into the game development and design field
  • People who already have experience and want to learn the new Construct 3 software
  • Join the hype of online learning
  • Anyone who wants to add more skills to their resume
  • Students who to make a portfolio of projects ready for displaying by the end of the course

This sale won’t last forever. Make a game now!

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Why you NEED to take this course :

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