Course Preview – SwiftUI Augmented Reality With Realitykit And ARkit

Course Preview – SwiftUI Augmented Reality With Realitykit And ARkit

by Alexandra Kropova from Mammoth Interactive

Augmented Reality “AR” refers to Interactive experience in a real-world environment, but with the addition that the real world is enhanced by Computer-generated information.

Basically, picture you’re looking at a table, then you have your phone facing that same table. With AR technology your phone or iPad will make the environment you’re seeing being updated and enhanced. Usually by making a CG environment suddenly grow and even interact within the space that you’re phone camera is watching.

With AR you can do multiple projects and develop many ideas, such as:

  • Playing a video when looking at an image
  • Blend body into the background
  • Track a body
  • Preview a product on it’s own box
  • Show a full subway map with only a subway card

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