Find Your Audience With 3 Simple Questions


Would you like to save your time and money and guarantee the success of your marketing effort?  Not having a solid grasp on the behaviors, motivations and influences of an audience is one of the main reasons that companies waste budget and feel like the “market doesn’t get us.” Understanding your audience is one of the most important parts of market research. Here the quick guide to get know your potential customer with 3 simple questions


Who Is Your Target Customer?

The answer here is not “everyone.” Figure out who’s actually buying your product or who you want to buy your product. For example, Saying you’re targeting women, ages 24-40, doesn’t mean you don’t want 30-year-old men purchasing your product. You might want to target as many segments as possible but need to figure out your main target one.


Don’t make your message a one-size-fits-all suit, make it tailored and suave. You can’t really advertise or brand in a way that will compel the average 30-year-old woman AND 50-year-old man. A successful customer profile simply needs to identify a large group of people with something important in common.


Your target customer profile isn’t limited to demographic profiles. It could be their location to help with location-based marketing campaigns as well as where to target traditional marketing methods. How much are their salary and their hobbies to spend their free time? What is the most convenient way for them to get information from? A target market example for this would be online (social media, Google etc.) and traditional advertising methods (newspapers, word of mouth).


What Are Their Problems Or Pain Points? This might be the most important question you’ll answer your customers. What problems are they experiencing? What challenges are they facing? What issues are causing them pain over and over again? Your audience has pains — your job is to solve those pains. If you can do that, they love you. If you can’t, they’ll find someone else who can. When you understand the issues your customers are facing, it’s very easy to market your solution.


Every target audience has a problem, and every product, business, or service seeks to remedy that problem. Understand your customer biggest pain points also help to build your core offering to customers. Can your service or product help them with these problems? If your product is any good, it is designed to solve a common problem shared by your target audience. Take the time to answer this question effectively, it can help shape upcoming marketing strategies.


What Do They Want?

You’ve figured who you want to talk to and what their problems are. Now comes the tricky part – actually making them notice your offers.

For many companies, the first instinct is to make a list of their product features that they are proud of and think that can beat most of their competitors. However, their target customer and tons of responsibility and things need to be done. In short, they do not have much time to look into all these advertising product features.


You need to dive deeper and address what motivates your target customer. This is where understanding your target customer is so important. If you can describe what your audience cares about and the problems they have, your message will have a much higher chance of being successful. For example, if you’re a construction company, don’t just say “this skid steer has a compact design.”  Instead, say “its compact design was made to fit into the narrow urban construction environment that contractors deal with daily.”


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