Get Responses to Your Survey

Choose the right medium: One of the easiest ways to find out what your audience wants is to survey them. It’s best to start by surveying the people on your email list. Ask them why they joined your list and how your business can help them overcome an obstacle or meet a goal. You want people to know what they’re getting when they join your list and how you can help. It makes no sense to have a huge list of subscribers filled with people who aren’t your target audience and aren’t interested in your help.

Why Decent Response Rate Important? You can create free surveys using GoogleForms or SurveyMonkey and even offer a giveaway item as an incentive. A decent survey response rate is crucial to ensuring that you have the type of information when you want. Think of it this way, if you have 1,000 customers, but only 12 of them are survey respondents, then you only have 2 people’s opinions. The more opinions you’re able to integrate, the more accurate your conclusions.


Don’t include too many questions: There are times when you need to send longer surveys, especially when you need to measure the many dimensions of a survey question. But the problem with the long survey is people click out of it. According to Researchscape, the ideal length of a survey is under 20 minutes. Anything longer than that may prompt your survey respondent to lose focus or randomly choose answers in order to finish your survey, which will mess with your data.

Just make sure every question is a gem–and designed to get you relevant information that will answer your biggest questions–so you don’t waste your respondents’ time


Use simple language

Taking a survey with complicated language is nothing but frustrating for a survey respondent. Wondering what a question means often results in either random answers or the decision to click out of the electronic survey, which means you don’t get any answers at all.


Using simple language that is accessible to everyone is a surefire way to improve your survey response rate. It helps to reduce the prospects of frustration, confusion, and abandonment of your survey every time.

Provide Incentives: Sometimes, you can’t rely on goodwill alone. If you’re having a tough time getting people to complete your surveys, try offering incentives to boost your completion rates such as discounts, gift cards, and raffles. Without a doubt, cash incentives increase response rates.  94% of the people who take surveys because they want a prize, they still give honest answers very often. Just make sure that your incentive will appeal to everyone in the segment you’re targeting. For instance, an Amazon gift card will probably be appealing to more people than tickets to Disney On Ice.



If you’re on a tight budget and can’t offer discounts or prizes, considering sharing the survey results with your survey takers after you’ve collected all of your responses as the incentive


What types of channels should go after? In no particular order, here are some channels suggested:

  • Friends and Family
  • Facebook Groups
  • Forums
  • Slack Groups
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • People on the Street




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