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Level 1 of Hello Coding is an introduction to coding and the programming industry. Mammoth Interactive founder John teaches you to market yourself and network in the field, both of which are necessary to successfully work as a coder.

Level 2 introduces you to web development. Our web developer Chris breaks down the fundamentals of coding in the 3 primary coding languages HTMLCSS JavaScript. We show you how to directly apply what you learned to build a landing page and modular website.

Level 3 is mobile app development. App developer Nimish demonstrates how to code in Java, currently the most widely used language to make Android apps. As well, you learn the programming language basics of Swift 4, Apple’s official coding language for iOS app development.

This level is unique because we show you how to make a project both for iOS and Android, which is important these days where the majority of smartphone users have one of these two. You build a finance calculator for the web and a weather app.

Level 4: Game developer Glauco gives you a thorough guide to Unity®, the popular & FREE program used to make games for a range of devices.

Get ready for game design by learning to navigate BlenderPhotoshop and Illustrator. Our artist Kevin teams up with Glauco to take you through coding and designing 3 complete games from scratch: a Flappy Bird clone, Angry Birds and Air Hockey.

Level 5: Learn the diverse web language Python & TensorFlow, the software library for Machine Intelligence, from data scientist Max. Apply data analysis tools to make a stock market prediction app, image recognition model & credit card fraud detection model.

Give the Gift of Hello Coding.

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