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It’s hard to start copywriting with a blank page, but with the AIDA Formula, you just have to fill in with the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action sections. AIDA is a model used in marketing that describes the steps a customer goes through in the process of purchasing a product. The AIDA model has been one of the most commonly used formulas since the late 19th century.

The goal of the AIDA formula is to do the following: First, grab the attention of readers and hook them in like a fish. Then create a point of interest for them to continue reading. Next is to display a benefit that creates desire. And the last one, finish it with a call to action.

The “AIDA” Formula

Now we talk about each element of the AIDA formula

  • Attention: Approximately 80% of people read only headlines. That’s why hooking the reader’s attention is the first step to using the AIDA model. To create adequate attention, you need to do audience research, buyer personas to discover and get fully understand your audience’s passions and problems. Then develop contents that focus on these findings.

  • Interest: While attention hooks the readers in, Interest is more about holding your buyer’s attention. You must give them a reason to keep engaging with the copy. You can do it by explaining the problem they face is negatively affecting their lives or storytelling to make the individual “feel” their personal issue.

  • Desire: Desire stage is where you show your audience exactly how your offerings can solve their problems. Here is the part you turn your product’s feature into benefits that will fulfill your individual needs. Think about what your readers or customers truly want. Your audience should be able to see your solution make their lives better. It can be proofs, showcase or before/after photos.

  • Action: “Call to Action” is the last step to encourage the audience to take immediate action. You should make it clear and easy to respond to tell the reader to take the next step. This can be for purchasing a product, scheduling a demo, offering a lead.


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