How to Download Unity (for Free!) | Virtual Reality Tutorial

If you want to make a Virtual Reality (VR) game, Unity is the program for you. The Unity engine comes with built-in models, materials, and more, which you can use to make your own 2D or 3D games. To learn how to build 30 mini virtual reality games in Unity, check out our Unity 3D course!

Unity Personal is a FREE application that you can download from Go to, and press the button “Get Unity now”, as in the following image.

You will be taken to a page with several versions of Unity that you can download. The Personal version is completely free, and you can publish games to the App Store with this version.

Click on the “Download Now” button in the “Personal” bar.

Then press “Download Installer”, which will download the helper file “UnityDownloaderAssistant”.

Open the “Unity Download Assistant” file when it is downloaded. Press “Continue” from the installation instructions. Read the terms of service, and press “Continue and Agree” if you agree with them.

Then you will see options for Unity components that you can download. Ensure that the top three items are selected (Unity, Documentation, and Standard Assets). You can select additional components to install extra files.

Press “Continue”. Once all the files have installed, you can open the Unity editor!

Unity is the number one platform for building VR games. You can build a variety of 2D and 3D games with this user-friendly program. To learn how to use Unity, check out our Unity 3D course, where we build 30 mini virtual reality games!


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