Introduction to Making Fonts: Photoshop Crash Course (Free Tutorial)

Ever needed to type something in Photoshop? Today we’ll tell you all about how to make your text the way you want it to! For those looking to improve their technical skills further and learn to code, check out our FREE 30-minute course here:

To follow along in Photoshop, open a new file, and pick your desired dimensions. Press OK to begin.


First off, if you want to change the color of your font, click on the front-most of the two colored squares in the left sidebar. The color of this square is the color of your font.

The “Color Picker (Foreground Color)” tab will appear. In this tab, you can manipulate values to get your desired color. For instance, for a black font, set the values R, G, and B to 50. R, G, and B stand for Red, Green, and Blue.

To practice manipulating font, type in, for instance, “Mammoth Interactive”. The pink lines that appear on your screen help you center your text. If you click on the “T” in the left sidebar, the header at the top of your screen will give you more options for manipulating text.

Photoshop has many fonts on your computer, and you can add more. In the header, you can choose between different kinds of fonts, including:

  • Serif fonts have little appendages on them. These are best used in print materials like books. The serifs remind your brain of lines, making text easier to read.
  • Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, don’t have the appendages. “Sans” means “without” in French, so it is literally “without serif”.
  • Monospace fonts, such as Courier, look old and retro because at one point, all fonts were monospace. Every letter in these fonts has the exact same width.

You can also change various properties of your text, such as its size, alignment, or whether or not you want it bold.  If you go to Edit > Transform > Scale, you can change the size of your text by dragging its corner. To scale proportionally, push the Shift/Alt key. To scale from the center, push Option.

By clicking on the colored rectangle in the header, you can change font color. If you place in an image, you can match the color of your text with a color in the image. The tab “Color Picker (Text Color)” will appear. Then, if you move your cursor over the image, the cursor will transform into an eyedropper. If you click on the color in your image, your colored rectangle will change to that color. After pressing OK, you will be able to type in that color!

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