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If you’ve always wanted to learn to code, our new Python course is the place to start. In this course, you learn how to code in the Python 3.5 programming language. Even if you have never coded before, you can learn how to use Python.

Python is easy to understand and can be used for many different environments. Cross-platform apps and 3D environments are often made in Python.

Our Python course teaches you the foundations of coding in Python. This course does not assume any level of experience and is therefore perfect for beginners!

The course covers basic programming concepts for people who have never programmed before. You will learn key topics in Python and coding in general, including variables, loops, and classes. By the end of the course, you will know how to handle input, output, and errors.

To learn how to use Python, we will create our own functioning Blackjack game! In this game, a player will receive cards, submit bets. Python will keep track of the player’s score.

You will be able to use the practical examples in the Python course to make your own apps and environments. Python is a popular programming language that is useful to know because of its versatility. Let’s get started!

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