Our giveaways are BACK. Win $200 and $20.

It’s the last week to enter our April giveaways. We will choose 5 winners at the end of the month to win cash. See below how to enter.

This giveaway is WORLDWIDE. You can enter and win in more than one category.

Win $200:

1. Get a Mammoth Unlimited Subscription for only 19 dollars. We have just a handful of Mammoth Unlimited Subscribers, so the odds are in your favor to win!

  • You get access to ALL Mammoth Interactive courses while you are subscribed.
2. AND Tweet: “I enrolled in @MammothCompany‘s Unlimited Subscription! http://bit.ly/2mJxcyq #Giveaway”


1. Become our Patreon subscriber of at least the 19-dollar level. Your chances of winning are high! We currently have 3 Patreon subscribers.
  • As a Patreon, you get access to ALL Mammoth Interactive courses.

2. AND Tweet: “I’m a Patreon subscriber of @MammothCompanyhttp://bit.ly/2mJxcyq #Giveaway”

Win $20: 

  • Subscribe to Mammoth Interactive’s email list.
  • OR Tweet the following: “@MammothCompany is having a GIVEAWAY! Copy and paste this tweet to win $20. Learn #webdev, #appdev, #gamedev today.”
  • OR Like us on Facebook.
  • OR We’ve hidden the character 獁 somewhere on our site.
    • Find the character, and tweet @MammothCompany a screenshot.
    • Hint: Where inspiration lies, so does the one you seek. In our blog posts, take a peek.
Thank you for continuing to share and support our courses. You can enter in any or all 6 ways. We will choose winners every month until May 31, 2017, 11:59PM. Good luck!
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