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“This course helped me a lot for programming, convinced me to do programming and made me understand programming with some fun in it! Overall I don’t need to go back and watch any of the courses vids since its explained in detail! Love it!!!”

Amar on Kids Coding -Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript

“Before this course I only knew basic coding. During this course, mostly due to the great explanations, I learned so much about coding. Looking forward to taking more courses of Mammoth after I make this game shine for my 2 daughters who loved to play every bit of the game during the course.”

Roel on Build The Legend of Zenda Game in Unity® and Blender (CC)

“I teach university students game development, mainly using the Unreal Engine 4, the six different games give a good insight into using C++ to create functionality with Unreal Engine 4. This area of development is a minefield with basic issues like intellisense not integrating with UE4 C++ projects and the vastness and complexity of UE4, these tutorials have helped me create course material, which in turn has helped all levels of students; to get the most from UE4.”

Jason on Learn how to make 6 games in the Unreal Engine

“Moves fast but really does teach good character design. I learned more in a half hour than I have in months on my own.”

Kevin on Create Low Poly Game Characters in Blender3D

“This course has made clear to me many obscure concepts about JS. I’ve tried to learn it for years. This makes it easy.”

Igor on Beginner’s ES6 Programming. Code for the Web in JavaScript.

“It was very easy to understand. I wasn’t sure if I should be intimidated by coding or if I should see it as something that is easy, but this course makes it understandable and fun. Thanks.”

Shannon on Kids Coding -Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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