What is Hardhat | Ethereum Truffle Replacement

Hardhat for Ethereum dApp Development

by Alexandra Kropova from Mammoth Interactive

Must-know if you’ve been using Truffle. Introduction to Hardhat for NFT and dApp development with Solidity smart contracts. Learn about Hardhat Network and more!

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 What is Hardhat?

  • development environment to compile, deploy, test, and debug your Ethereum software
  • helps developers manage and automate the recurring tasks that are inherent to the process of building smart contracts and dApps

Hardhat vs Truffle

  • Run Solidity locally
    • local Ethereum network designed for development
  • Debugging-first
  • Fast iteration
  • TypeScript support – typed language
  • Preferred in community over Truffle
    • Can migrate projects from Truffle


  • designed as a library
  • stack trace
  • multiple Solidity compiler versions
  • robust Mainnet forking
  • contract verification in Etherescan
  • interactive JavaScript console

Deep Dive into Hardhat Features

Hardhat Network

  • built-in with Hardhat Network
  • local Ethereum network node designed for development
  • akin to Ganache
  • deploy your contracts, run your tests and debug your code.

Solidity stack traces

  • If a transaction or call fails, Hardhat Network will throw an exception.
    • will have a combined JavaScript and Solidity stack trace: stack traces that start in JavaScript/TypeScript up to your call to the contract, and continue with the full Solidity call stack.


  • print logging messages IN SOLIDITY

Mainnet forking

  • copy the state of the mainnet blockchain into your local environment, including all balances and deployed contracts

In a local environment forked from mainnet

    • can execute transactions to invoke mainnet-deployed contracts, or interact with the network in any other way that you would with mainnet.
    • In addition, you can do anything supported by a non-forked Hardhat Network: see console logs, get stack traces, or use the default accounts to deploy new contracts

Mining modes

  • Hardhat Network can be configured to automine blocks, immediately upon receiving each transaction, or it can be configured for interval mining, where a new block is mined periodically, incorporating as many pending transactions as possible.

Connecting a wallet or Dapp to Hardhat Network

  • Hardhat will always spin up an in-memory instance of Hardhat Network on startup by default.
  • possible to run Hardhat Network in a standalone fashion so that external clients can connect to it.
  • could be MetaMask, your Dapp front-end, or a script.


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Want to learn more? Enroll in Hello Coding 4.0. Free in the Mammoth Unlimited Membership. Get 300+ courses and 2,000 hours at a dirt-cheap price.
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