What is Market?

Let us talk about Share market now, it is a one stop solution for trading the share where you can buy or sell stocks of any company. It basically allows user for trading of shares. It is like a formula one car; it will be a great adventure if you know how to control it, otherwise riding it will be like risking your money.

Stock market is an electronic marketplace where you can buy or sell shares and it slows buyers and shares to come together for trading. Everyone wants to invest in the share market to build their wealth in the short and long term. A study says that it is a better investment option to invest in the share market instead of real estate and gold.


Some people find shares to be risky investments, but it is a fact that investing in the share market for long terms says 10 years can provide the inflation beating returns

Like other markets, it also works on the fundamentals of Demand and Supply. These are the major forces that drive the market. If demand for any share rises and more people are ready to invest in that particular share, the price of that share would rise and vice versa. People are always willing to invest in the share that gives more profit and good results.

In the share market, there should always be a buyer and seller of any trade, otherwise there will be no trading of that share. Every share that trades in the market has a price range which is known as upper circuit and lower circuit. If there will be only buyers of any share and noon is willing to sell that share there will be upper circuit and vice versa. Therefore, any trade only takes place when buyers and sellers both are available in the market to trade that stock.

It functions like a farmer’s market where buyers and sellers meet at one place to exchange things. But stock markets are more complex as they look, these are regulated by various market players which cause process change rapidly. There is a particular time for trading in the share market like the Toronto Stock Exchange is open Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-04:00) and it does not open on weekends. Now let’s talk about What is Stock Exchange is.

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