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Mammoth Interactive is announcing a slew of giveaways! This month, you can win CASH in any of the following ways. This giveaway is WORLDWIDE.

You can enter and win in more than one category. So, enter away!

Win $200:


Win $20:

  • Be subscribed to our email list.
  • OR Tweet the following: “@MammothCompany is having a GIVEAWAY! Copy and paste this tweet to win $20. Learn web and game development today.”
  • OR Like us on Facebook.
  • OR We’ve hidden the character 獁 somewhere on our site.
    • Find the character, and tweet @MammothCompany a screenshot.
    • Hint: Where inspiration lies, so does the one you seek. In our blog posts, take a peek.

These giveaways are our thank yous to Mammoth Interactive’s students and supporters. You can enter in any or all 6 ways. We will choose winners every month until May 31, 2017, 11:59PM. Good luck!

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