Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened


  • The Subject Lines is how you grab a subscriber’s attention. Mess it up and your email will simply get lost in the sea of other emails in their inbox. Here are the following tips to optimize your subject line.


  • Leverage words that have been proven to boost email open rates. Some analysis shows that there are around 100 catching words which are highly like to influence open rates when you use them in your subject lines


  • On the other hand, there are words that negate those open rates, too. You might want to remove words that reduce open rates (or trigger spam filters).


  • It is suggested that email open and reply rates are higher when a number is present in the subject line. Numbers and data get your emails noticed, demonstrate a clear and straightforward message about your offer.


Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened



  • Putting an emoji in your subject line (1-4 emojis) will boost your email open rates. You can use emoji as a brand appropriately, and they do add a nice little bit of flare and attention-getting in the inbox.


  • Keep your email subject lines the right character length. Keep it short to make sure the most of your subscribers who will open your email on their mobile device can actually read the entire subject line. Best practice suggests subject lines that are 17-24 characters and 3-5 words long are most likely to boost your email open rates.


  • Preheaders are excellent to use after your subject lines. Preheaders summarize the content in your email for added enticement to impress readers. Your subscribers get a chance to preview the email, even while it sits unopened in their inbox.


  • And one of the most effective ways is to write your subject lines in “title case”.


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