Build 177 Games: The Complete 2D, 3D and VR Bundle

Guess what? You can build 177 games in this course bundle.

We hand-picked our top-selling game development and design courses and put them into one convenient bundle you can enroll in right now:

  • Learn how to make 20 games in GameMaker (24 hours)
  • Learn to make 2D and 3D games in Unity® (45 hours)
  • Learn how to make 6 games in the Unreal Engine (20.5 hours)
  • The Complete Game Developer Course – Build 80 Games in Construct 2 (36.5 hours)
  • Build 30 Mini 3D Virtual Reality Games in Unity® from Scratch (CC) (77 hours)
  • Build and model a 3D Super MARLO runner clone in Unity® (17 hours)

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See what people are saying about the courses in this bundle:

“Really love how this is beginning. I’m an old-school coder trying to get back in and work on some personal game projects and this doesn’t treat me as dumb, but also doesn’t require a CS degree to understand what’s going on. Really appreciating this.”

“Clear, fast and clean!”

“The instructor is very thorough and makes no assumptions about previous knowledge. The pace is fast but not overly so. I prefer project-based learning so this is right up my alley. I’m looking forward to continuing through to the end.”

“I like the pace of the instruction as well as the granularity the instructor is using in the steps he is demonstrating as well as in his description of the various components and functions. It’s easy to follow.”

“This is an awesome course! If you have only a basic understanding of C++, this will walk you through how to get a few games up and running. Completely AWESOME!”

“Great sharing and explanation of everything”

“The instructor is very good at teaching. He teaches at a great pace and covers anything a beginner would need to understand (every little detail). I am already learning a lot and I just started yesterday.”

“Great intro, assumes that the student knows nothing, which is great for an introductory lesson!

“Really enjoying this course so far. Good pace and easy to follow.”

“I like using this course to go back to the basics. It really helps to get you going. I make games all the time. When i need a little help i come back here and watch some videos.”

“Perfect course for people with some experience in the field, specially with C++ The instructor goes to the point without entering in details which is perfect to leave the details to you to check the documentation. For me this is a 5/5 course 🙂

“My learning is deep and fun”

“77 hours of content. Project code and assets included to be able to easily check where the typo/error is. I love this course”

“Great pacing, good explanations and understandable examples. It is the kind of approach that I really appreciate when I am trying to learn new skills. I also admit that I really love the opening graphics and music! Cool!”

“This is a fantastic course that walks you through step by step. An excellent course for beginners and those who are trying to improve their coding skills.”

“An easily understood course, with detailed instruction and good explanation of the concepts involved in making this clone game. A very well done tutorial, especially for someone like me is just now learning how to write code.”

“Very in depth and well explained. Great course for beginners looking for a place to get a strong start in Unity.”

Grab this bundle while this super offer exists! See you there.

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4 Captioned Mammoth Interactive Courses

Hello Mammoth Interactive students! You may have noticed that we have taken the time to add captions to several of our courses, and will continue to do so. We add (CC) to the titles of the courses we caption. We have managed to caption the following courses so far:

1. Make a Mega Dude Action Shooter Game in Unity with Pixel Art (CC)

Course Image

This is our complete beginner’s guide to building a game from scratch in Unity 2D and 3D. We make our own pixel art in MagicaVoxel and Photoshop!

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2. Build “The Legend of Zenda” Game in Unity3D and Blender (CC)

Course Image

This is one of the most well-received games we’ve ever shown how to make! If you like Legend of Zelda, you’ll love this course, where we make a Zelda-inspired 3D game in the free, #1 game-making platform Unity. We make all the art for the game characters, buildings, weapons, and costumes in the free 3D modeling program Blender.


3. Ultimate Python Beginner Course. Learn to code today! (CC)

Course Image

Of course we had to caption the Python course. Python is such a popular programming language, used by top dogs like Google and DropBox. In this course, you learn how to code from noob to pro in Python. Where else would you begin your web development studies?


4. Build 30 Mini Virtual Reality Games in Unity3D from Scratch (CC)

Course Image

Woo hoo, this was a big one! Virtual Reality (VR) is of course a hot topic these days, so it’s no surprise our VR games course is desired by many. Check out this hands-on Mammoth Interactive course, where our game developer Glauco teams up with our artist Kevin to show you how to make 30 VR games from nothing at all.


Keep an eye out for more courses that we can get to captioning! P.S. We’ve got a whole bunch of webinars coming up!

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Stay golden,

Alexandra, Mammoth Interactive

Get perks by supporting our Kickstarter: Hello Coding!

Coding is not as hard as you think.

We at Mammoth Interactive are excited to make our next course series ‘Hello Coding: Anyone can learn to code.’ Please support this project on KICKSTARTER to get limited-edition perks! This series has five levels that take you through a holistic curriculum of development. In Hello Coding, students learn web, app, game, and Artificial Intelligence development.

Hello Coding has 5 levels:

  • Level 1: Introduction to Coding Fundamentals
  • Level 2: Web Development
  • Level 3: Complete App Development
  • Level 4: Build Games and Art Assets
  • Level 5: Learn Artificial Intelligence

Get inspired.

Here are some of the projects you’ll make in our courses.

Our way of teaching makes it easy for everybody to learn to code.

With our audiovisual tutorials, you follow along with your instructor to make apps, sites, and games from scratch. Whether you want to code to train your brain, release your creativity by building your own game, or learn to make websites to better your resume, you can do it with Hello Coding.

Get free courses, t-shirts, and bonus topics by supporting our Hello Coding Kickstarter!

Latest news and discounts from Mammoth Interactive!

Come to our livestream! Core Data and Xcode.

✔ A 1-hour workshop on using Xcode’s Database
✔ Get FREE: Ultimate tvOS Guide for Beginners
✔ Get FREE: our new MakeHuman course


Introduction to SpriteKit. Build practical games.

✔ Build 2D games for iOS
✔ Navigate Xcode’s interface
✔ Learn the fundamentals of coding in Swift


Make a Ninja Survival game in Unity and Blender.

✔ Build a game for mobile in Unity
✔ Code in C#
✔ Use Blender to make the game’s art


Xamarin Course: Build Cross-Platform Apps!

✔ Make apps for iOS and Android.
✔ Learn key coding topics: variables, arrays, if statements, and functions.
✔ Build real apps: tip calculator, inspirational quote app, compound interest calculator, hangman, and more.


Introduction to Unreal (Paperback Book)

✔ A game development textbook for beginners
✔ Learn how to use the Unreal game engine
✔ Design and code a Coin Collector game!


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Webinar today! Google Maps and Xcode

✔ a 1-hour session on importing Google Maps into Xcode
✔ get FREE: WatchOS Beginner Crash Course
✔ get FREE: Ultimate Python Beginner Course


Make a Portals clone in Unity3D and Blender from scratch

✔ beginner-friendly
✔ design video game levels in Unity
✔ code in C#
✔ make art in Blender


Build 30 Mini Virtual Reality Games in Unity3D

✔ Glauco Pires will take you through the process of coding each game in Unity from scratch.
✔ Kevin Liao will teach you how to create all the artistic elements you will need to complete each game.
✔ Games include: whack-a-mole, hurdles, bowling, basketball, baseball, fruit ninja, flappy bird, motorcycle, western shooter, cannonball, and paraglider.


Build “The Legend of Zenda” Game in Unity3D and Blender

✔ Video: 29 hours
✔ Skill level: Beginner
✔ Gain a foundation in game development and design


Build 6 Games in Unreal (Paperback Book)

✔ 246 pages, complete with screenshots and code
✔ Learn to navigate the Unreal editor and code in C++
✔ Make the following games: Coin Collector, Shooter, Platform Switcher, First Person Shooter, Turret, and Runner Switcher.


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