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Mammoth Interactive produces online eDegrees and tutorials primarily on programming and technology. 1 million students and growing have enrolled in this online school since its inception.

Build a portfolio alongside your instructor to go step by step through projects. Learn by doing in your next Mammoth Interactive course, whether you want to learn software development, machine learning, Excel or more. 

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Since 2011, Mammoth Interactive has sold over 1 million copies of education courses around the world. Mammoth Interactive courses have been featured on many websites such as Harvard’s edX, Business Insider and more.

Mammoth Interactive has released over 200 courses and 2,000 hours on topics ranging from software development to machine learning to Excel. Try a course today. 

John Bura CEO

In 2011, it was clear that there was opportunity in the software education market. John has been programming since 1997 and teaching since 2002. He brings a unique perspective with years of experience in teaching and real-world experience running a software company.

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