Advanced Python and Excel AI Training Plan​

Build professional projects with machine learning for data science. Upskill with advanced topics and real-world scenarios in this corporate bootcamp.


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Bootcamp Curriculum

Empower your corporate team with our 8-session powerhouse bootcamp.

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Session 1: Transforming Corporate Efficiency with Advanced Python and Excel Integration

Session 1 (2 hours)

  • Understanding the powerful synergy between advanced Python programming and Excel for corporate efficiency.
  • Exploring real-world use cases of advanced Python automation in data manipulation, analysis, and reporting.
  • Initiating a journey to unlock the full potential of advanced Python-Excel integration for elevated corporate productivity.
Session 2: Mastering Advanced Data Manipulation and Analysis with Python

Session 2 (2 hours)

  • Delving deep into sophisticated data manipulation techniques using advanced Python.
  • Mastering complex data cleaning, transformation, and analysis methods for insightful decision-making.
  • Elevating corporate team capabilities by automating intricate data tasks and ensuring precise outcomes.
Session 3: Elevating Excel Functionality through Advanced Python Automation

Session 3 (2 hours)

  • Advancing Excel capabilities through seamless integration with advanced Python techniques.
  • Crafting sophisticated automated workflows for seamless data extraction, transformation, and visualization.
  • Empowering corporate teams with the expertise to proficiently handle extensive datasets and derive actionable insights.
Session 4: Building Dynamic Interactive Dashboards with Advanced Python and Excel

Session 4 (2 hours)

  • Exploring the realms of dynamic dashboard creation using advanced Python and Excel.
  • Designing interactive visualizations that transcend conventional reporting for enhanced data-driven communication.
  • Equipping corporate professionals with advanced tools to vividly present insights and drive informed decisions.
Session 5: Mastery in Advanced Data Analytics with Python and Excel

Session 5 (2 hours)

  • Achieving mastery in advanced data analytics through the integration of Python and Excel.
  • Implementing advanced statistical analysis, forecasting, and modeling techniques for strategic insights.
  • Equipping corporate teams with the skills to extract profound insights from complex and diverse datasets.
Session 6: AI-Enabled Business Intelligence for Advanced Decision-Making

Session 6 (2 hours)

  • Unveiling the transformative potential of AI-driven business intelligence in advanced corporate contexts.
  • Demonstrating advanced AI algorithms for sentiment analysis, trend prediction, and customer behavior comprehension.
  • Empowering corporate professionals with AI-powered tools to make informed decisions for exponential growth.
Session 7: Automated AI Processes for Optimized Corporate Workflows

Session 7 (2 hours)

  • Harnessing the potential of automated AI processes for seamless corporate workflows.
  • Identifying advanced opportunities to streamline business operations and resource allocation through AI-driven automation.
  • Revolutionizing workflow efficiency and strategic resource management with advanced AI integration.
Session 8: Pioneering Advanced Corporate Transformation with Python and AI

Session 8 (2 hours)

  • Strategizing the integration of advanced Python and AI for holistic corporate transformation.
  • Leveraging advanced Python techniques and AI capabilities to optimize resource allocation, cost management, and innovation.
  • Leading the way in implementing advanced AI initiatives that propel corporate efficiency, innovation, and market leadership.

Note: Each session includes a 15-minute Q&A session to address any questions or clarifications. Additionally, supplementary resources such as cheat sheets, additional reading materials, and extra practice exercises will be provided each week.

Package Details

Consulting / Development Package:



Live Classes Package:



  • Permanent access to recordings of sessions for Advanced Python and Excel.
  • Lifetime access to a Advanced Python and Excel masterclass.
  • Connect with fellow learners of Advanced Python and Excel.
  • Access to the Advanced Python and Excel for shared learning.
  • Instructor-led support within both communities.
  • Unlimited email and chat support related to Advanced Python and Excel.

Consulting / Development Benefits

  • Full access to Live Classes Package benefits for Advanced Python and Excel.
  • Access to future Advanced Python and Excel Live Classes (8 sessions/2 hours per session each).
  • Support with creating custom projects involving Advanced Python and Excel, which might include software development.
  • 10 hours of personalized video/phone consultation or software development time with our experts!

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