Blender’s Mirror Modifier + Cutting an Object

Let’s learn how to use a basic modifier that we is often used when making 3D low poly art in Blender.

To follow along hands-on, create a new project in Blender containing a Cube. Expand the Properties window (covered here) by clicking and dragging its left edge. Select the wrench icon to open the Object Modifiers context.   

The Mirror Modifier can help you save time when creating art. You can make half of an art piece and use the Mirror modifier to generate the second half.

Dividing an Object in Half in Blender

Let’s split Cube in half. Enter Edit Mode (covered here). Hit Control+R. Double-click on the edge loop to divide Cube.

Enter Face Mode. Delete the right side of faces. Half a cube will remain in the Viewport.

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Blender’s Mirror Modifier

Enter Object Mode. In the Properties window, press Add Modifier. Select “Mirror” from the “Generate” list.

Unselect X from the “Axis” list that appears in the Properties window. Select Y. This will mirror the cube in the scene in the Y axis. Any modifications you make to the original side of the cube will mirror on the other side.

Enter Edit Mode. Extrude the outer face of Cube. Scale the face down. Extrude it outwards. As evident, the other side of Cube will also scale.

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The edge loop between the cube and its mirror is a separation. To fix this, select “Clipping” from the “Options” list in Properties. To apply the mirror, enter Object Mode. Press Apply in Properties. The cube and its mirror will be one combined object.

Enter Edit Mode. If you edit one side of Cube, the other side will not change!

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