My favorite Chrome extensions for developers.

1. Code References

Code References allows you to find any element, tag or method in the extension’s the supported languages. You can use the Search tool to find the element you’re looking for. A handy replacement for Google!

2. Upwave

Upwave is a project management app that is good for people who often work long-distance with a virtual team. With this extension, you can stay aligned with your coworkers and track the progress of your projects.

3. Earth View from Google Earth

Every time you open a new tab, this extension displays a Satellite image from Google Earth in your browser. This is a pleasant extension that makes your Chrome experience more enjoyable.

4. The QR Code Extension

With this extension, you can generate a QR Code for the page URL of your current tab. One click on the extension displays the QR Code in a pop-up.

5. ColorZilla

Get a color reading from any point in your browser. ColorZilla also lets you adjust the color and paste it into another program! And more.

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