Why You Should Trade?

In Today’s era, everyone wants to invest in the share market & wants to earn money and this session is all about learning the art and science of trading in the share market and tell you “why you should trade”. Thousands of people have taken the first steps towards investing in the share market by attending our online courses to make their dreams come true. You can also be a good trader and even anyone can be a good trader if he knows the basic concept of share market. You have nothing to lose but by giving four to five hours to the course could change your life. This course is dedicated to those people who don’t have any background in trading and want to understand from scratch. Most of the people start trading to make wealth and it is very important in the share market to know all the positive side effects of it apart from the money to become a successful trader.


First reason is it will help you to take advantage of high profitability and opportunity to earn money in this dynamic market. This pandemic time of Covid-19 and economic situation are causing different profitability opportunity areas all over. In the share market you can make money very fast and truly speaking nobody knows any other model on this earth that can potentially create wealth that fast.

You have been told since our childhood to Save our Saving and this is the only smart way to keep money invested in backs or any other saving financial institute but if you keep our money saved in bank accounts actually you are losing out to inflation. Whereas if you invest our money in the share market and trading makes use of our money & put it to work. So, we suggest that instead of Save for Saving, you should now go for Save for Trading or Save for Investing. This is the best and smart way. One thing that everyone should keep in mind is that not everyone will earn money from trading, traders do lose money too.

Another reason why you should trade is trading helps you to teach “How to control your emotions” It is the most difficult task for all of us to understand How to control our emotions in life. When you enter into the share market and understand its skill, you are allowing yourself to challenge your analytical mindset and situations where objective thinking is required to overcome any unexpected situation. By understanding trading and daily trading practice, you enhance your mental processing skills.

Understanding trading is altogether a different thinking tool that develops an absolutely new and different way for how to think, this is how you can control your emotions and you can develop yourself a complete professional trader and thinker.

Third advantage is when you understand to trade is that it helps to become an independent thinker and Entrepreneur

While you are trading in the share market, you can conduct your trading at any time during market hours. You are not bound to attend any fixed office hours and you don’t need permission from anybody to trade. Obviously, there is a freedom from all these kinds of stuff, and it enables you to operate at whatever time you like. You can perform the trading business anytime anywhere in the world and it makes you an independent thinker and Entrepreneur. The market is about crowds of many different share market players and the sum of their orders causes prices to rise and fall that you will understand in the next session of Orders & Order Types and Different Players.

A good trader has to understand the importance of thinking for themselves and should understand the next move of these powerful players to anticipate their next move. In this market you will see things that ordinary people don’t see; you will make such connections that others don’t.

Our next benefit of trading is that it helps you to highlight your unique set of strengths and weaknesses

The most common question that we get asked number of times by people in regard to stock market Is “How can I be a good trader?” But if you truly ask us there is no single right answer to this question. But our theory tells that the most important trait of a successful trader is the ability to understand his/her unique set of strengths and weaknesses. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can maximize the profit complementing your strengths and minuses the losses by knowing your weaknesses. SWOT analysis is an art and trading can help you to develop that art in yourself and can also help you to strengthen your unique set of Strengths and Weaknesses and this course can help you to do that, when you understand to trade.

Understanding trading can also help you to understand the concepts of Risk and Profitability. Most of us are familiar with risk and reward, similar to other businesses. It is also part of the trading system and indeed this is a very important aspect of it. One should know the market condition perfectly to make a successful profitable trade. This is the vital part of a successful trader to understand the concept of Risk and Profitability. If you understand the market deeply, you will be able to understand the ups and downs of the market and let’s make sure that the concept of Risk and Profitability is important to understand before entering into the market. Let say if you flip a coin, you are betting on heads. The probability of either heads or tails equals to 50% that is similar to risk and profit in the share market. If your success with 5 times heads in row, it doesn’t mean that the probability of winning will remain the same or increase next time. It will remain 50% only and so the possibility of success is 50% each time when you buy a share.

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